Lectures/Trunk show (45-60 Minutes)

Lecture requirements:  screen, table and power cord for a digital projector, microphone, two quilt stands and two tables to display quilts.

Challenge Yourself

Discover the world of Quilt Challenges and the many opportunities awaiting you (and your quilts!)  Join me as I recount my adventures (including a few misadventures) while participating in Quilt Challenges at both the local and national/international level.  I hope to inspire you by sharing my own quilts and their stories, along with tips/tricks that I hope will inspire and encourage you to enter your own quilts, regardless of style or level of experience/skill!   

*  Presentation includes a slide show followed by trunk show including 25+ of my challenge quilts.

Dare to Dye

Do you dream about dyeing your own fabrics?  Fabric dyeing at home is surprisingly easy, affordable and FUN!!  Join me as I share my own adventures in learning how to hand dye my own fabrics and clothing.  I hope to inspire you to give fabric dyeing a try as I introduce my favorite dyeing tips, tricks, resources and examples of my own hand dyed treasures!   

*  Presentation to include a slide show followed by trunk show including hand dyed fabrics, fashion and quilts made from my hand dyed fabrics.    



A Slice of Improv (1 or 2 Day Format)

Let’s explore improvisational piecing one slice at a time!  We’ll warm up with the basic Slice and Insert technique and then ask "What if...?" and  introduce simple variations that lead to exciting design opportunities.  Bring your scraps and learn how improvisational piecing is freeing, forgiving and FUN!

2-Day Option:  Improv Piecing:  Easy as A, B, C!  We'll apply the Slice of Improv variations to add text messages into our quilts with letters, numbers and symbols! 

** I am happy to work with your guild/organization to incorporate a community service element into this workshop.  This option provides an opportunity for participants to practice the techniques to make one or more blocks for a community quilt to be assembled/quilted by the guild/organization.  Please let me know if you are interested in this option and I can provide support/direction for making this a successful community service project.

Slice of Improv Supply List


Free Styling & Spiraling (1 or 2 Day format)--NEW Starting in June 2018!!

These improv-pieced spiral designs are sure to mesmerize and energize!!  We’ll start with square spirangles and experiment with different design options and construction techniques.  Then we’ll explore new spirangle designs:  rectangles, triangles, hexagons, and diamonds…oh my!!

Free Styling & Spiraling Supply List


Pebble & Play! (1 or 2 Day Format)--New Starting in April 2018!!

Pebbles are one of my go to free-motion filler designs as they are so versatile and add spectacular, modern quilted texture!  We’ll explore exciting pebble design variations that will add drama to your quilt tops!  This workshop is perfect for quilters of all levels who are ready to play with pebble designs!  

Pebble & Play Supply List


MAgnificent Mandalas (1 or 2 Day format)

Are you looking to add zen to your free motion quilting?  We’ll warm up designing mandalas on paper, before learning how to use minimal marking to free motion quilt a whole cloth mandala of your own design.  Watch your mandala bloom as you add layers of texture and color!   This workshop is geared towards more experienced quilters who have previous experience/comfort with free motion quilting.

Magnificent Mandalas Supply List


Mod Mandalas (1 or 2 Day Format)

Add some Modern Zen to your quilting and join me as I unlock the secrets to creating your very own modern mandala that will sparkle and shine!  Constructing a mod mandala is both meditative and exciting, especially as they begin to take shape and bloom into a starry design!  

* In a 1 day workshop, participants will go through the steps by completing one or more quadrants of the Mod Mandala design.   Finished Mod Mandala size will be approximately 21” square.

Mod Mandalas Supply List


Mod Molas & Bright Blooms (1 or 2 Day format)

Cultivate your own beautiful garden scene that is layered with exciting color and texture.  We'll help our flowers germinate and grow into an original wholecloth quilt.  Enjoy the spectacular final transformation as your flowers bloom into brilliance.  

Mod Molas & Bright Blooms Supply List


Walking Foot Wow (1 or 2 Day Format)

Create beautiful, modern quilted texture with your walking foot.  Let's move beyond the basic stitching in the ditch and explore decorative stitches, repeat patterns and even gentle curves to create drama and eye catching quilting designs to your unfinished quilt tops!

**  Mod Mola option (black and pink sampler below) is available for workshops that include 6 or more hours of instruction!  Please let me know if you are interested in this option and I can send you a supply list that includes additional fabric/notions requirements.

Walking Foot WOW! Supply List
Walking Foot WOW! with Mod Molas Option Supply List



Unlock the fun and intrigue of Lorrie Cranor's Interleave quilts.  All the secrets of creating the illusion of curves and transparency using only straight line stitching will be revealed.  Best of all, Interleave quilts are assembled using a quilt-as-you-go technique, so your unique Interleave quilt will be pieced and quilted at the same time!

Intriguing Interleaves Supply List


Fabric Dye Parties (3-4 Hours)

Are you dyeing to learn how to hand dye your own fabrics?  Join me for a Fabric Dyeing Party where you and your friends will be treated to a fun day of fabric dyeing and experimentation.  This is a BYOC event where you simply bring your own containers to transport your goodies home, and I take care of everything else!  All party attendees will receive a SWAG bag complete with handouts, 3 yards of PFD fabric and party attire (mask and gloves).  We’ll kick off the party with dyeing basics: supplies, set up and safety.  Then we will dive in and learn five different fabric manipulations along with options for creating gradients and color bursts.  As the party winds down, you will leave with 3 yards of hand dyed fabrics, everything you need to know about rinsing your fabrics once home, along with resources to continue the dyeing fun!

Dye Party Pricing:
$450 for 3-4 hours of instruction and use of dyes for up to 12 party attendees (with the option of adding up to 4 more for $35/each)
SWAG bag fee (aka kit fee) per person is $30 which includes 3 yards of PFD fabric, mask, gloves, hand out and use of dyes/equipment.

Sample Dye Party Invitation & Supply List